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Well: You might could explain everything by the "usage" of a virus/biochemical weapon Well that way no one would have to be inside the rooms and actually no one would even have to be near them which would mean that practically everybody could have done so.

Btw. that would also kinda "explain" the last riddle.

But actually, it might be hard to find a reason why the heads were half-gone or something like this, so it is kinda unlikely - and I don't think this is how everything will be explained - but because of the Devil's Proof not impossible

Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
I'm pro-witches, but like I said there's bound to be a real-world solution.

Even if it's not true, Battler coming up with it will MAKE it true. That's how the Umineko universe works.
Well. OK but that only means for Rokkenjima and the murder case but not for the "outside" world. So witches would still exist, maybe even at Rokkenjima, but just what happened at Rokkenjima wouldn't be done by witches because however this will end, I think that witches themselves will exist in the end in Umineko. However, I think that Rokkenjima was done by a human though but as said that doesn't meant that I would deny that witches themselves exist in Umineko.
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