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Originally Posted by Ssol View Post
Battler doesn't have to prove that witches cannot exist he just has to show that is no proof that witches do exist.

At that point, obviously, some humans/accidents/traps are the reasons for the murders.
Exactly. When Battler does that he wins. He doesn't need that witches and magic do not exist in any kind of places or dimensions.

The existence of witches outside the closed space of Rokkenjima is not really relevant to me. I have no problem accepting that, but I also have no problem if they all turn out to be fake.

Whatever is the truth, as long as they have no actual influence on the events of Rokkenjima it's fine.

But I don't want Bern to win either
The problem is, as of things are now, If Batter wins, Bern wins. There's no way one can win and the other lose.

At the same time, the only way for both lambda and Bern to lose is for Beatrice to win. However, Beatrice herself doesn't want that. I think it's clear now that she wants to lose. So if Battler loses, there wouldn't be any real winner, only losers.

To put it simply, there has to be a solution where Battler wins and Bern doesn't.
Why there has to be? I really can't see why. And even if she doesn't win, as long as she doesn't lose to Lambda she wouldn't really care. I think you are really misjudging Bern.

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