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I thought that the series FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was alright at time, but there were certain parts that I did not like.

1.) It wasn't very clear about how Envy, Lust, and the others were made to me.

2.) The names were a little on the weird side.

3.) Mustang was a pervert.

4.) There wasn't really any meaning to it.

I would like it if the following were better, but there were some good parts in it.

1.) I liked how they started the series by putting them in the dessert.

2.) I liked how they put dramatic turns in certain places and heart warming stuff in certain places.

3.) I liked how there was much comedy in it (aka winrey and her wrench)

In all, I would have to give this series a 7, not as good as the series, but not too bad.
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