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Originally Posted by The Small One View Post
Hey, maybe Ichigo's mom was already pregnant from Bach, when she left him for Isshin.

Jokes aside: I don't really like it, that Ichigo always gains new powers. Why not become good with the ones he already has?
And the fact that every villian knows more about his family and relationships that he himself is also a bit disturbing.
Bach doesn't have to be his father ( though he could be). Nor Isshin has to ( again he could be).

Since the majority of people who know about his past seem to be of those who have been a shinigami/Quincy for a long time, it could mean that maybe Ichigo has existed for thousand of years.

Even if he could have been given birth by her mother recently, it could be that maybe he was sealed or reborn, ... and eventually came back. This is not really that uncommon in anime in general.

I wanted to mention this last week, but doesn't Ichigo's bankai and Juah Bach look similar? Ichigo's Bankai looks like a younger version of current Juah bach. For all we know maybe Juah bach is Ichigo's grandfather and not really his real father. Maybe Juah Bach's son was Ichigo's real father.

Many people could of course argue that Kubo drawing style is so that his characters look a alike. That could be possible but by the same token maybe Ichigo's Bankai and Juah bach are some what related.

It could even be that Juah Bach has some level Shinigami power. Maybe Quincy and Shinigami powers overlap, ... . There are so many possibilities at the moment. This is why i think Kubo is doing a great job and have gained my faith back.
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