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Originally Posted by ronin myael View Post
ever considered that ichigo might actually be an aizen experiment? what if he turns out to be a quincy who was infused with shinigami powers just because aizen thought it would be interesting? he infused hollow powers on shinigami and arrancar so why not play with quincies and shinigami? the fact that ichigo has isshin's powers could simply mean that isshin took part in the whole experiment. it was his shinigami powers that were implanted into ichigo, that's why they have similar zanpakutou. i know this seems farfetched but this is kubo we're talking about, anything is possible with him if he wants it to happen in his world. just look at the number of power-ups he has given ichigo, isn't that a bit too much for just one 17-year-old hero? shonen manga are known for their overpowered heroes but ichigo is definitely one of the most overpowered ones in recent history.
That's a possibility, indeed. I personally want Aizen to stay out of this though. He's always behind everything and it's seriously getting annoying.

In any case, for now, I believe that Bach calling Ichigo "son" doesn't really mean he's his father. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long before finding out the truth behind Ichigo's birth.
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