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Originally Posted by itachi-san314 View Post
aizen's not dead. bach just left him in prison which at this point, might have been destroyed along with most of SS.

the war potential thing could use some embelishment, but i guess we have to wait until we find out who all 5 are to know what it actually means. all we do know is that 'potential' means exactly that. it doesn't mean that the people are particularly strong, since we saw kenpachi lose off screen to bach and was a disappointment to him
I don't remember it exactly but i think maybe a version of translation that i originally read hinted that he tried to kill him ( not sure ) regardless i didn't mean that he died. Obviously Aizen wouldn't die just like that and plus he is immortal .

I read it again and yes, he left him there to be in the prison but he did kinda destroyed that place when he was there, so in a way i guess an attempt to kill him ? Yes, my bad. He didn't kill him .

Anyways going back and reading it again, i think Ichigo is the key factor here. He is somewhat related to Juah bach imo. When Juah bach told yamamoto about having gone to meet Aizen, the expresion on Yamamoto's face changed. Imo these are hinting toward Ichigo.

As For Kenpachi losing, he lost with a regular Zanpakuto . He was strong enough to defeat three of the quincies who were basically easily defeating captain levels. maybe if he used a Shikai or Even Bankai, it wouldn't be as easy to steal his bankai.

But you do have a point. They don't really have to be strong per se. I agree with that.

Originally Posted by Kanon View Post

In any case, for now, I believe that Bach calling Ichigo "son" doesn't really mean he's his father. Hopefully, we won't have to wait too long before finding out the truth behind Ichigo's birth.
Now i don't disagree with this either . There could be a chance that is the case. But it's not 100 percent . Saying i have "no doubt in my mind" a way means one is 100 percent certain that is the case. But saying for now, shows that you are open to other possibilities which imo is better .
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