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I honestly don’t think that Bach is trying to say he’s Ichigo’s father, or at least, I hope not. After I calmed myself down (from both yelling and laughing at the very notion) I thought that maybe Bach was using the term son in a general sense. For example, “We are all the sons and daughters of the world.” Generic-ness. Especially sense, it seems, Bach has just figured out that Ichigo is part Quincy.

But, that seemed too benign for someone hell bent on bring Ichigo back to base. Then I wondered, would if Bach is Ichigo’s grandfather? I know it seems farfetched, but Bach knew that Masaki was a Qunicy and hasn’t tried to kill Ichigo either time they’ve fought—only been bent on subduing him. Plus he is like a thousand years old (or more) I prefer the idea that he had a daughter that fell in love with a soul reaper, was disowned (or she left) and ended up dying protecting her littler half-breed baby. But I don’t know if it would add up with the already established (--hah!--like Kubo cares about that) plot points and character ‘development’.

The only other alternative I could come up with is just taking what Bach said at face value. And that just makes this story so much more confusing. Like how did Ichigo become a soul reaper in the first place, if he is 100% Quincy? I could still seem him having a hollow side, but being able to manifest a soul reaper side (even a fullbringer) becomes extremely difficult to imagine. It opens more questions than solves them and basically destroys any or all of the previous continuity this story had (which, for the most part, wasn't much).

But that’s why I came up with alternative 1 and 2 because number 3 makes me scream and cry at the same time, and I’m past that with Bleach. I’m past that…! I don’t think that Kubo will make Bach Ichigo's father (Kubo might try to lead on with that idea for a couple of chapters because he does enjoy a good troll) but I think it will end up alternative number 1; number 2 is just a fun idea to play with.

More puzzling for me was the comment about Aizen in this chapter. Azien’s ability to mess with time, space, smell, ext. all extend to the use of his sword, so how did Aizen mess with the time? Unless he was using the hogyoku, which I guess could work too. But to me, this kind of hinted at the fact that maybe—just maybe—Bach released Aizen before he got his answer. But then again, I have to remember the hax-crystal.
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