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Originally Posted by daliinn
Did anyone notice how Lance Bass from N'Sync did the voice acting for sephiroth? first of all, Lance Bass' voice does not match sephiroth one bit. Second of all, why would someone pay a big celebrity to do like 2 lines total? i mean sephiroth doesn't really say much at all other than "ugh"
^Never knew that, I agree it doesn't really match
I've never been able to beat Seiphiroth, only tried twice at lvl 55, then got frustrated and skipped all sidequests and beat the game . After that I've never played it, but I am think of trying to play it again and beating that damn Seiphiroth. I remember on Gamefaqs someone had tried to get to lvl 99 in the beginning where you fight Tidus, Waku, and Selphie. That's crazy!!!
At first when I read about KH1, I disliked the idea and grew to not even thinking about getting the game. Then the idea of Disney/Squaresoft eventually grew on me and I caved in on buying it (only $25 on eBAy lol)
As more and more info comes through for KH2 I grow more and more eager to play one of the most anticipated game of the year to me, aside from the Zelda game for GC which has been delayed time after time.
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