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Originally Posted by Cookichu
I could...but I would much rather buy it...

I don't really like playing games on my comp memory is being used for various shows and anime (as well as school work...)
Wow. Bless your heart. Seriously. Good for you. I applaud those who've resisted the temptation of simply playing that game on an emulator.

but if your computers memory is all that's stoping you then I wouldn't worry about it. Both the emulator and the rom shouldn't take up more than 15mb combined. (I forgot how large the CoM rom is.)

Anyways, that's all I've got to say. I suppose borrowing someone elses DS or GBA is a plausible resort. Just don't go out and purchase a DS or GBA for this game alone because as decent as this game is, it's not worth all that money.
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