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This is it.

This is the show that proves a normal everyman can be a compelling lead. It shows us a young boy who's general disposition has no dramatic strings attached to him. Just a naturally lazy guy being worked into so many tiring situations at the behest of a curious lass, a pushy older sister, and a not couple that indirectly and directly gets on his case.

Poor Houtarou.

Being asked to think much more than he'd like to exhausts him in more ways than one. For a guy who can so often deduce the how of so many mysteries, it's the why that often eludes him while his heartful opposite in Eru understands what this detective doesn't deduce. Him becoming a little more empathetic, her becoming a little more restrained, Houtarou and Eru's growth through the story is Black and White becoming cherry blossom pink instead of a dull gray.

Gray being the color Satoshi uses to describe our lead. Every so often this fool shows an envious side of himself reflecting the reaches of a soul he'd rather not show to girl and friend but not girlfriend Mayaka. Make no mistake though, Mayaka isn't completely bound by her feelings for Satoshi. Does she think it nice if she and him were to go out? Definitely. But she's also level-headed about the whole affair, and the four friends hang out all the same tackling one triviality after another.

The piece itself calmly channels a high amount of energy. It never drags its feet trying to get anywhere, but there's never a moment when things suddenly pick up. Things don't happen suddenly (except for Mayaka's manga midadventures. Seriously, did anyone check the script on that?), but slowly. It doesn't get better, because it demands a special commitment in the first place; it's atmosphere serves to lull viewers to placidity, but its story demands pondering.

It's not going to be for everyone, despite all appearances. Hyouka is like catnip for those who can wrap their minds around the rare confluence of elements about it, and completely unnoticeable to anyone else. Then again, maybe the people who liked this piece were just lucky. Would you like to just blindly believe my theory or investigate the situation yourself?

I'm curious~
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