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Originally Posted by Meatrose View Post
What you were saying about "young Lelouch" actually makes a lot of sense. It sounds as if they're trying too hard to sound like something they ain't, and that is generally what makes most dubs fail; they all sound "fake".
Oi, my point was that every young boy voice that's done by a woman in anything animated, regardless of whether it's in English or Japanese, always sounds like she's trying too hard to sound male.

Also, I respect that you don't like dubs, but your post is enough for me to dismiss you as a right-wing fanatical anti-dub zealot and warrant a space on my ignore list. Especially this quote:
I've never understood why one would dub over the original voices, unless the target audience is either below reading age or simply retarded.
I mean, this is beyond the point of ridiculous.
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