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Originally Posted by Meatrose View Post
I mean, dubs exist only to let those unable to read in their own language a chance to experience and enjoy whatever is being shown.
Not "unable to read" at all... in fact, it's actually because they prefer to not have the read the dialogue. Not because they're unable to.

It's always down to a matter of preference, but I guess you can't understand that. Fact is, the vast majority of anime fans are the casual fans who enjoy dubs and prefer them to subs. The hardcore fans like us who come to forums, fansites and news sites are quite likely to have more than a few people who are the opposite of that, preferring subs over dubs... but typically, the hardcore fanbase is always outnumbered by the casual fanbase. There are, of course, hardcore fans who prefer dubs over subs as well. Though they're typically not as outspoken as the "subbies".
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