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Originally Posted by Meatrose View Post
What I did mean was that those responsible for material aiming for the target audience that Geass is aiming for getting dubbed is, in my honest opinion, treating their own customers as if they couldn't read. I mean, dubs exist only to let those unable to read in their own language a chance to experience and enjoy whatever is being shown. Or am I really wrong about all this? Perhaps I've simply assumed that everyone around me is as picky as I am when it comes to this.
Now you are just going off. Dubbing is necessary in anime period, because anime characters can't talk. ALL anime are dubbed. It's only a question of which language gets dubbed first, and obviously a question of quality. (Some anime got the English Dub made first before the Japanese version.)

Why are you treating the existence of dubs like it is some sort of personal insult? You are like that vegetarian I met who tried to convince me that my own desire to eat meat is an abomination to her, even though it has nothing to do with her.

We can't make you like what you don't like, but saying dubs insult your intelligence is plainly an insult to somebody.

(p.s. I watch subs when an anime is new. But I buy DVDs for the dub, because I want to see how a story is reinterpreted when done well. Code Geass had an unconventional Dub crew in Japanese, and the same selection process from the Japanese Director was used to form an unconventional Dub crew in English. Think of it like a piece of Classical music played by two different orchesdras; the music sheets are the same, but there is room for artistic expression.)

I had heard plenty of bad English dubs in my time, but dubs themselves aren't evil or stupid. If given only one choice, I will chose Subs. But Dubs are a bonus that I don't have a problem with. Indeed, I am half-tempted to purchase the German edition of the Black Lagoon anime just because it sounded so cool.
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