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Yeah is no such thing as Japanese being auto better. Look at Batman:TAS. And for the whole dub < sub comments I got 2 words for ya, Cowboy Bebop. I like the Death Note dub and when I first heard the trailer it was awful, but the voices changed and it has gretly improved, so nothing is final.
I kinda agree with you there. True, voices can be a little shallow but they improve later on. Besides, I don't care how ANY dub sounds, not even CardCaptors (sorry). Even though I watch japanese versions of anime, I don't mind any English dub since I'm an American and all. I'm not trying to be mean or anything. Like I said, bad dub voices can improve. They just need a little time. I'm sure this dub will blow you all away eventually (sorry if I'm being an idiot). But this is my opinion.
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