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Cheers Sirth, I'll do that. I mean, I really love Air, so I should be able to watch it over and over again. Last time I switched back to the Japanese audio halfway through the second episode since, you'll probably find this stupid of me by the way, I was afraid that I was going to ruin my overall impression of the show. I'll give it an honest chance though.

And to everyone who opposed me; I've been thinking "how come I can't stand the dubs?", and I think I have an idea to be honest. If your native language is English, then it's perfectly understandable to not be used to watching subtitled stuff since 99% of all movies and TV-shows are either British or American. There simply is no need to use subtitles. I don't speak English since Swedish is my native language. Everything I ever watched on Swedish TV was subbed since we never dub anything here. Ah, okay... if the spoken language was in fact Swedish there were no subs of course, and we do obviously dub Disney-movies since younger kids can't read. =)

Anyhow... what I'm getting at is that I'm more than used to subtitles, since they've always "been there" up until the day when the DVD set us free and allowed us to turn the subs off. I don't experience that I miss out on whatever is going on on the screen though, since my eye spends about one second on the text every time it pops up. I guess that is something that we get used to over the years of watching subbed TV. Even though this is how I experience subtitles, I can really put myself in the shoes of an American viewer, who virtually never had to worry about not understanding the spoken language (before falling in love with anime ofc ^^). I can actually understand (and I should've thought about that earlier) how subtitles can be a really annoying (but sometimes necessary) part of the experience to those who are not used to them.

Okay, this is only the beginning of my little analysis. Sorry for going off-topic with this entire discussion that I caused today, but hey... it is somewhat related to the dubbing of Geass. ^^

The other thing that makes me prefer subs (in general) is the fact that the characters of a show is incredibly important to me, and every aspect of them. The characters and the corresponding VA's ability to mediate emotions are, in many cases, more important to me than the actual story itself. This might put me in a small (and possibly very weird) minority, but that's how it is. I already said this before, but I strongly think that the Japanese seiyuus (generally speaking of course) are better at mediating emotions/delivering "honest", trustworthy interpretations of the characters at hand. I'm not saying that everyone should agree with me, cause I know some probably don't (even though I earlier today honestly believed that everyone thought this way). Anyhow, this... all this, in combination with the fact that I grew up watching subtitled entertainment, is probably the reason why I strongly prefer subs over dubs. Like I said earlier... my eyes barely spend any time at the bottom of the screen so I don't feel that I "miss out" at all.

Okay, I've never "searched my feelings" concerning this matter before, but I think that this is what it ultimately boils down to. Anyhow... I certainly confess to your "accusations"; I just might be way too hard on the dubs, and perhaps I should give them a better chance before dismissing them as "crap"... the way I did today, although I must say that especially Kallen's "scream", C.C.'s voice and young Lelouch's line made a really bad first impression. Although the guy responsible for the editing of the trailer should probably shoulder some of the blame... it was really a bad piece of work. Noticed how "cheesily" they managed to supply the customer with some completely unprovoked and out-of-the-blue fanservice? Really cheap all in all and that, in combination with the voices, made me comment.
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