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Interesting episode, got to see two fights Not sure what the actual power of the ninja girl is. Must have something to do with light if Hei stabbed right through her. Interesting to see that they both use wires.

I guess that the magician guy can only distort space where he can see. I would think that he would be smart enough to protect himself though. I think that under that coat is someone else that he used to replace himself with. Not sure how to interpret the last scene though. Given that suou wasn't effected, it must only affect contractors. Since the source of Hei's power is Bai who seemed to be able to talk to him at least once in S1, my guess is that Bai is alive in Hei and transferred herself into the pendant so that Hei would no longer get zapped and be able to make his escape. Anyways just a theory but no real other idea of how to interpret it. If the device could steal contractor powers, then we would be seeing some sort of uber contractor or something in the future.
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