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I posted this in another forum, but here goes:

There's something I'm wondering about. Why is it that almost every faction (Hei and his CIA, August 7, the Russian army) thought Suou was actually her brother, Shion, but the earth golem guy (and I guess his ally the ninja girl) was the only one that knew she was a girl, even though his group also was apparently after Shion?

Even April, who had spent considerable time with Suou as Bella, couldn't distinguish her from her brother at first. So how did that one guy know? And if he did know, why did he and his group try to take the girl into custody, unlike all the other groups, who are all looking for her brother Shion and don't care at all about Suou (and would have even killed her if they found out that they had the wrong person, as Hei told her)?

Could it be shown later in the plot, or is it just a plot hole?
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