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@Deacon When it comes to Relena's development, we don't got the whole picture, just glimpses. She meets Noin in Episode 11 and we're led to assume she undergoes some sort of princess/world leader boot camp from there. Noin takes her to see Treize at one point and Relena hotheadedly grabs the microphone. From there, we can see she's the same spitfire who fired on Une in Episode 11. There's also the battle in Antarctica. Yep, still as impulsive as ever. After that, we don't see her for awhile and the next time she shows up, she's pretty much already running Sank. I think the girl we see in Episode 1 is very different from the girl we see in Episode 27. She's apologizing to her father for wanting to see Heero in that episode. She's realized that the world won't change to suit her. It's a contrast to the scene from Episode 1 when she's flustered about her father. That was what an ordinary fifteen year old would do. By Episode 27, she's changed from all the political exposure, I assume. However, that's mere conjecture considering we don't see exactly everything Noin showed her. I think she didn't take the political exposure she had with Foreign Minister Darlian all that seriously. In that respect, she's comparable to Fllay. I actually think if Relena hadn't matured that way, she would have gone the route of Fllay in terms of character development.

But yes, I do agree with you that GW isn't that good with characterization. Everyone in the show seemed to have their development on fast forward leaving the viewer to fill in most of the blanks. That's both a blessing and a curse for a show.

As for the terraformation of Mars, it's probable that she just had too much on her plate. People breakdown over work stress all the time. That would be incredibly lame though.

@SkullFaerie Please substantiate your claim that she's airheaded. She seems pretty smart to me even in the early episodes. She talked her way into that hospital in Episode 3. There's nothing about St. Gabriel's hinting she's a bad student. Also, how is she a Mary Sue if she has flaws? That's an oxymoron.
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