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@wingzerosnuggles: Airheaded was maybe a bit harsh. I just meant she appears to be a more or less stereotypical popular blonde (brown-ish) high school student at the beginning of the show. She's loved- pretty much idolized by the student body, she's rich, she doesn't appear to be the deepest of wells. That turns out to be not the case, but you wouldn't know it looking at her, her life and her surroundings (despite being brought up by a diplomat. But that doesn't mean much, being the kid of a doctor doesn't make you a surgeon, at least not without proper training).

Well she is not a Mary Sue, but she is constantly portrayed like one in the show. If you look at her, she is flawed, and a potentially awesome character.
But the show chooses to paint her in a light that I didn't find accurate for her character. Like I mentioned before, her being supposedly the perfect solution while everyone else is "tainted" in some way. Giving her a classical Sue frame didn't help. She isn't one, so why did they insist on treating her basically like one? :s

I also agree with the Fllay comparison. I remember when seeing Seed the first time, I thought "THIS is the light in which Relena should've been characterized on GW"- still going down the political route and all, just minus the silly idolization.
If I try to view her like that, she gets massive plus points, because she IS a good character, she just suffered from bad characterization
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