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@Deacon When it comes to Relena's development, we don't got the whole picture, just glimpses. She meets Noin in Episode 11 and we're led to assume she undergoes some sort of princess/world leader boot camp from there. Noin takes her to see Treize at one point and Relena hotheadedly grabs the microphone. From there, we can see she's the same spitfire who fired on Une in Episode 11. There's also the battle in Antarctica. Yep, still as impulsive as ever. After that, we don't see her for awhile and the next time she shows up, she's pretty much already running Sank. I think the girl we see in Episode 1 is very different from the girl we see in Episode 27.
During episode 16, Relena admitted to Noin that her recklessness runs in the family, after Noin told Relena about Zechs's recklessness. Also, in the episode where Relena lashes out at Romefeller, Noin told Zechs that Relena is "a ball of energy", and has a hard time controlling her.
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