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Originally Posted by wingzerosnuggles View Post
Politics is very different from the medical field. You see people from all walks of life entering government positions. While a lack of experience may be taken against them, that doesn't necessarily mean they will perform poorly. Besides, this is Gundam Wing. It's basically all about wunderkind. Everyone on the show is doing extraordinary things despite their age and background. Looking at the "Sue frame" you speak of, Treize definitely falls into that trap. Look at what FT portrays him as. By your standards, everyone on the show is Sue-ish. You can't fault Relena for being seen as the ultimate solution without dragging everyone else down. You must admit that everyone is portrayed in a far from realistic manner. In a world where everyone who is focused on seems extraordinary, you have to be even more extraordinary to distinguish yourself from the rest of the cast. It's not the best writing but it serves its purpose.

Also, doctors in the AC-verse are atypical. Sally is 19 but already a doctor. I think that's stretching it though. Maybe a field medic? See what I said about wunderkind?
Sure, but politics is all about experience. Of course, like you said, Wing is not realistic and no one is portrayed as such, but still, I found Relena's early (!!) development to be forced. After she got into that position, she gained experience and started growing, but it doesn't explain how she got the job in the first place.
The difference with Treize- at least on the show is, that he's not idolized or painted as the one and only solution to everything.

But I agree, most characters have something like this:
- Quatre's weird family situation, Heero's "superpowers" (also unnecessary, imho. what's wrong with a normal main character? Personally, I'd rather have seen Duo as lead for example.), Sally the doctor, Noin the genius, Zechs the genius (whose issues with himself and his sister seem over the top because she is "so perfect" at times) , Wufei.. well, never mind

I guess in the end, wing just suffered from an bit of bad writing. it had this amazing storyline (which was written well) and these amazing characters (which were created well), that there wasn't enough left for proper actual characterization (which was more often than not blah).
You're right, it's not a problem universal to Relena, it bugged me also on Zechs (despite being my favourite), and the others a lot, but somehow Relena manages to stand out, because of being favoured so much. Not her fault though,poor girl.

Originally Posted by wingzerosnuggles View Post
It's actually comparable to how eighteen year old Queen Victoria didn't let her mother control her when she came of age. If a real life monarch three years older than Relena could pull off a similar feat, I don't see what's wrong with Relena doing the same
I wouldn't really make that comparison, Victoria lived in a very different society and had a different life expectancy and all. I'm pretty sure girls still gave birth really early at that time too Relena's a modern (though rich) teenager and is better compared to those, imho.
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