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Her friends idolized her and various people she met during the show certainly admired her for her passionate beliefs and. Her calls for peace during her time as Queen were bound to be accepted by the public and her charisma and eloquence didn't hurt either. Still, I don't think there was much idolization going on.
in blind target some colony people have viwed her as a hypocrite and going as far as saying that she intended to use the colonies resourses for earths ends and that her way for peace was a lie, however relena insisted that she is was still learning and was attempting to bring a perfect understanding and order on to both the earth and colonies. and she went on saying that she wants bring them all into an era where they can all focus that attention and resolve it diplomatically.

she gained a lot of credit and appeal because she had honestly stayed true to her words and lets face not many politics fiction or real are well know for haveing a 'true to my word' streak. and to be vice forign minister at the age of 15 is something.

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