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@IkuzeMinna: thank you v.v

It's true, she does have her name/family heritage. And I fully agree with the rest you said too. For me personally, I would've wished she had been portrayed that way in the show too. But I guess this can be partially put down to it being a 90s show- shows of the time did like their pretty princesses who are loved (at least by the main cast. I recognize not the whole world was a Relena follower
though it's not an excuse, there are well developed characters from that period. Just look at Macross, maybe.

Maybe the problem is that today, more than ever overly idolized characters aren't acceptable/satisfying anymore- I could point at Sheryl and Ranka, the latter of which we were meant to like, but many didn't. This is kind of what happened to me with Relena, when I was watching GW.

I need to say though, by EW she was a lot better, and more likeable. Maybe because she had shed the Peacecraft name, and dropped her family's ideology, which she didn't get (which was also a bit idealized. Noble sure, but effective?!)
Another thing I appreciated was her allowing Noin to establish a force in Sanc early on. It shows she was realistic- but I'm not sure, it's been a while, was she claiming total pacifism at the time?

@Elo the Blue I also forgot about Blind Target. Forgive me, it's been a while It's true, the public didn't all love her- I thought only about the main cast.
Zechs- agreed.
Heero- well, here's the thing, correct me if I remember wrong, but he's a terrorist, technically. So it's a bit ughhh how this doesn't really become an issue. Goes for all five pilots.
it's admirable though, how Relena chooses to trust him, despite that. Plus for her.

I guess for such an important character, I would've liked a better portrayal. I'm buying all of her development - minus how the cast sees her. It's the only thing that really bothers me (It's like Sailor Moon! haha! she always bugged me too when I was a kid, it's like everyone has to take a backseat to her)

A problem of old shows, I guess
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