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Originally Posted by SkullFaerie View Post
@Elo the Blue I also forgot about Blind Target. Forgive me, it's been a while It's true, the public didn't all love her- I thought only about the main cast.
Zechs- agreed.
Heero- well, here's the thing, correct me if I remember wrong, but he's a terrorist, technically. So it's a bit ughhh how this doesn't really become an issue. Goes for all five pilots.
it's admirable though, how Relena chooses to trust him, despite that. Plus for her.

I guess for such an important character, I would've liked a better portrayal. I'm buying all of her development - minus how the cast sees her. It's the only thing that really bothers me (It's like Sailor Moon! haha! she always bugged me too when I was a kid, it's like everyone has to take a backseat to her)

A problem of old shows, I guess
Yes, Heero is a terrorist and within the AC universe, the general public was against him and his fellow pilots until EW. But from a viewer's perspective, it's his and Relena's show and despite the hundreds of people he killed, he's still viewed as a hero by most fans(common in the Gundam franchise).

You're bothered by how the cast sees her? I just don't get it...

If most of the cast hadn't taken a backseat to her, it would have been someone else. Despite her central role though, she's definitely no Mary Sue.
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