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Well considering Iím the biggest Relena fangirl here, I canít help but get annoyed and now I donít care anymore if I come out as a total douche.

First of all, no one ever said that ALL those who hate her, hate her ONLY because theyíre jealous. Donít be defensive, you came up with that on your own.

And before I make this all bloody long and unbearable, I disagree with those who say Wing and its characters arenít realistic. They are realistic and I can support that claim, but I donít intend on doing that now.

Relena and her wishing Zechs get killed. Uncalled for?


When VFM Darlian died, some of his last words to her were that she must watch out for OZ. She then gets rescued by Doctor J, who btw, mentions that Heero was after OZ. She then learns that this Zechs person is a Peacecraft hero and yet ALSO an OZ soldier. She was at her vengeful stage, which was understandable Ė she did bloody witness her father get killed. So she thinks Heero is her ally because she thinks that the enemy of her enemy is her friend, and this Zechs guy, who is from OZ, is an enemy. It shouldnít be surprising that she would wish him dead and side with Heero. She didnít know he was her brother. I find that whole situation realistic and understandable. That was her childish and rebellious stage, she was meant to act that way.

Relena isnít badass for no reason, either. And I donít think I need to elaborate on that.

She was very happy to get all that attention and recognisation, otherwise we wouldn't have seen such a dead-confident, bossy Relena.
In your humble opinion? Iím sorry. But that is not a humble opinion. AT ALL. *eyeroll*

She was anything but bloody confident and bossy. Maybe cite a certain scene as an example and justify how she was confident/bossy there? I'm pretty sure that statement of yours implies to the already-changed Relena. Correct me if I'm wrong.

She was stubborn, yes, but those two words arenít for her. I donít know how you can justify that, at least in a way that I will agree.


Please take back what you said, Relena is NOT an airhead. Both in the first and second half of Wing. I donít know how some people never noticed how easily she can deduce things. Sheís intelligent, in fact. Just a bit too naive and idealistic.

I failed to see how she never got criticized for that, she was still perfect, reasonable Relena.
I agree with you, YOU FAILED INDEED. Relena got criticised for different reasons and most of the criticisms even came from Heero.


Look. I know I sound like an ass but I donít think you really understood her character development. You say that you recognise her character development but I canít help but feel that you only say that to make your criticisms valid. None of your criticisms sounded right TO ME. Then again, who the fuck am I. Oh, and lastly, while you say you donít hate her, I think you need to re-evaluate yourself. You sound like you DO hate her. Again, TO ME.

I wish that you consider everything that us Relena fans are saying. Especially those that Snuggles and Elo said. Most especially the part where Relena disappears for a few episodes and comes back completely different. [I like how the Noin-camp thing didn't have to come from me. ]

IMO, Relena is both well-planned and well-written. The latter, of course, is more debatable simply because of how fast-paced Wing was written. Anyway like Long Live and Snuggles said, itís impossible to make you realise what weíre trying to say. So I wouldn't be surprised if everything that I said still won't kick in. But for my Relena, I don't care if it's a waste of time and effort. I'll say it and I won't give a damn whether I sound like a sore loser or not.

*deep breaths*


*walks off*

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