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Originally Posted by DragoonKain3 View Post
W00t! Yet another childhood friend duo confirmed. I mean sure, they implied Masako and Kanba knew each other for a real long time before, but always nice to have concrete proof. XD

And yes Kanba, incest isn't wincest this time around. Why you so against Masako's advances? Back then she is so important to you that you said "I'll keep you company, if you're going to be cursed. That is the bond binding us together", and now you ain't giving her the time of day. Why the big change of heart? Or is this the cause of the curse as well?
Not only has his personalty advanced to a complex level Kanba cannot afford to keep Masako company not with the grim reaper constantly hovering around Himari.

Not only is Masako a boring girl that can ditch him at any moment, it's like looking into his own reflection, he knows she can take care of herself.
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