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Couldn't resist:

Q: Can you please explain why teenagers aren't taken seriously?

A: We're just giving you an early taste of adulthood.

Q: Why is the so called affordable healthcare going to be unaffordable? (This is a pretty good question, actually...)

A: Because it still props up the insurance, pharma, and hospital admin industries.

Q: I smell goats

A: Biden! Get off this channel!

Q: Just how stupid do you think the American People! We know how Stupid you are.

A: Let's face each other on "Smarter than a Fifth Grader" and find out for sure.

Q: I don't Understand this gun control deal. If we cant have guns why can you.

A: We're going to melt all the guns down so we can announce our new Gundam defense program. Giant robots need a lot of metal!

Q: i would like to know how you ARE GOING TO STOP CHINA

A: Gundam!

Q: What I want to know, is: are you taking away our right to bare arms? Plain and simple, yes or no?

A: No. In fact, we're thinking about making the wife beater our national shirt.

Q: Whats with the chip people will have to get in their hand for obama care.

A: Why do we need a chip? We already know everything about you, Joseph.

Q: You are doing a great job at destroying and dividing our country. Name one being that comes to kill and destroy...........................hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm

A: Godzilla! But thanks to our Gundam program, America will be safe!
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