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It is not a gamble. It is an instant heal + good amount of stats that can't be countered. It opens up options for hyper aggression. It is a cheese and cheese are risky but there is no reason to nerf something just because it is a cheese. Also when the players manage to use something outside of its original intent, I consider that to be creative. Having 10 people premade drawing a picture of Teemo on the map with just wards would be creative. Using the red elixir as instant heal is creative. It is being addressed because it is good, not because that it was cheese. Going top with heal and ignite is a risky gamble. A diamond player used to go top with heal and ignite. Heal and ignite did not getting nerfed.

What bugs me is that Riot likes to nerf everything they did not intended into the ground. Sometimes it just gets annoying. Back then I complained that DotA had balancing problems but now I understand the tradeoff.

Also, what options do you have with ADC starter now? Almost everyone on the Asian server is already starting dorans, what about you? Boots and 3 pot? hahahahhahaa.
The few people that thought this up were creative, the immitating rest is definitely not - they just went with what was overly effective.
The problem with fortitude is that the gain outweigh the risk by far. If it just gave like 20-25 damage without the hp then the risk would be adequate but the simple fact that it also gives hp makes it too safe to use, you would almost always out-trade your opponent making him at least leave the lane for some time and easily making the 250 gold worthwhile.

With the changes you can still use it but the risks are adequately increased so it's not like it's gone completely. You just have to actually try to make it count.
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