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Originally Posted by Izayoi View Post
Notable details:
Lux nerf - It was coming, not that it need to be that hard though.

Muramana - And then they changed this. I am not sure if this is a buff but I gotta try Ryze now.
Eh Lux was hit hard, but not that bad, she didn't lose any damage, mana costs, or AP ratios CD on Ult in late game was most suspect area to hit, and movement speed was 2nd as for a champion with so much range she had an awful lot of movement speed compared to other mages, imo.

And generally Muramana is a nerf on anyone not building some armor pen items now since by midgame when you would finish most champions will have more armor than mr, though for ryze it can give him some mixed damage. Urgot, Kha'zix, Jayce, and Corki might have some more usefulness out of now though since they tend to have some armor pen anyways.
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