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Had a few good matches today and finally researched the SU-100 but quite a ways off from being able to buy it.

I've noticed quite a lot of sound glitches since the patch (some blaat already mentioned related to the crew sounds) but today I got set on fire in the caernavon quite early in the round and after putting it out almost instantaneously I was stuck with the crackling sound of fire for the rest of the round.

Anyway MM was kind enough to drag the chaffee away from tier 9-10 and into a tier 5-7 match which actually turned out to be immense, troll-tastic fun and I even managed to dish out the most damage on my team.

Replay for comedic value - I managed to circle strafe a cromwell then a GW-panther and grille at the same time in some hilarious kind of ballet dance then finally picked off the M44 and SU-85.

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Also had a decent showing in the caernavon and now that I have the first 20 pounder I can start to dish out some damage as this game shows.

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