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Originally Posted by meh View Post
Well, the OP has bought the 3000 model which I believe as of now is still hack-proof. But from his posts he mainly wants to use it as a gaming/media device. Which is quite well and good just unhacked.
Originally Posted by Shinji103 View Post sounds like homebrew will pretty much give the 2k most of what the 3k has over it.
Originally Posted by MakubeX2 View Post
If the 3K model is hacked, all the more better for my hardwares sales. But it will be bad for my software side since that's where the majority of the incomes for my department lies.
The 3k model has been hacked. The first HEN (homebrew enabler) for it is (was?) supposed to be released today, and I am very impatient for it. If it doesn't come out today, it should be out very soon. It took a little working, but I got the already-released "hello world" exploit working consistently on my 3000.

(you have to put 8 images in your photo folder, plus the TIFF exploit file--with it being the image with the most recent time stamp. you then go to your photo folder on the PSP and wait for the black "options" bubble to appear and disappear, then immediately scroll down to the bottom, where the exploit should then run. It appears with the HEN that this will have to be done every time you restart your PSP, but it's not such a big deal once you've got it down)
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