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Originally Posted by Lathdrinor View Post
It is virtually impossible to erase the effects of nurture. By the time someone is capable of making judgments regarding physical attractiveness, cultural concepts are already deeply ingrained.

But in general, the following traits are considered attractive:

Tall Height
Long legs
Lean Physique
Symmetry of Features
Double eyelid
Almond eyes (females)
Prominent nose
Narrow face
Light Skin (esp. females)
Lack of Body Hair (females)

It's also possible to judge beauty by what is not considered beautiful:

Short Height
Stubby legs
Obese Physique
Asymmetry of Features
Epicanthic Fold
Broad nose
Broad face
Buck tooth
Dark Skin (esp. females)
Presence of Body Hair (females)

There are also more "subjective" features like eye color, hair color, structure of cheekbones, etc., where people will probably disagree as to what is most desirable. Still, I think among people of European descent there is a preference for light-colored eyes and light-colored hair.
Say what? In general, considered by whom? Where do you get these notions? Those lists are extremely debatable and subjective. Got some linkage to research or studies?
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