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Have you researched this? If that is true, then whites are genetically, appearance-wise superior.
Research in this area is limited (though extant; a few of the features I mentioned, like symmetry of features, has been explored), so I combined it with what I get out of looking at what sorts of features get held up in medias, beauty magazines, etc. around the world as being attractive. I presume that these outlets are at least partly representative of general opinion, though I acknowledge that they also shape it.

As for whether "whites" are genetically appearance-wise superior, that depends on the sub-population to which they belong. I don't think white people can be lumped together as a homogeneous group.

I'll make it plain. Supermodels(today) are visibly unhealthy, (an evolutionary sytemized trait you say repels men) and yet they're portrayed in magazines in a different way. How do you explain this?
It's not necessary for the ideal to match reality.

Nature makes mistakes.

Also, this thread has a lack of picture links, which is odd when talking about physical attractiveness.
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