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Originally Posted by mechalord View Post
Speculation: Elder Nyon is Luffy's grandmother. She left Amazon Lily to be with Monkey D. Garp. She taught garp, Haki.

Their descendants take after grandma, they become pirates and revolutionaries. Maybe, that's why Gol D. Roger told Garp to take care of his son, 'cause Garp was married to a PIRATE! This may be why Luffy was so enamored with becoming a pirate king, his grandma was a pirate princess. Maybe this is why Kuma sent him there. He has ties to this island.
Agreed, but then that means Luffy and Hancock are realted, and their chidren will have 9 toes. great excusse for Luffy and Hancock not to work. so she goes to the next best thing, Ace.
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