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The servants could have done it. They're paid extremely well, and this is why most of them don't stick around too long (I assume they bank enough that they can live off it or go find a new job). The work itself seems hard, but it also seems to mostly pay for everything; it's not clear where they live on days off, but it's probably nowhere expensive, and when they're on duty basically everything is provided by the employer.

However, Genji and Shannon have both been at their jobs an unusually long time. Genji is assuredly well-paid as Kinzo's confidante and chief servant, and after 10 years at a job most people can quit after 3, Shannon could have a rather large bankroll if she was saving all her money for that purpose. And neither of them seems like the sort to spend to excess (especially not Genji).

I don't think the adults would risk it if they're being honest about their current financial situation. If I needed several hundred million yen right away, and I had a half-dozen or so safes loaded with hush money, I'd just dip into those for a while. So either one of the adults is lying about how bad their financial situation is, they can't get at the money for some other reason, or they're not the ones doing it.
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