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Still, no landslide or bomb could stand in front of Natsuhi in Episode 1 or Nanjo in Episode 3 with drawn weapon, so there has to be someone there on the island carrying out those last murders.
And what real reason would anybody have to destroy the corpses after death? They should be literally swarming with finger prints and DNA after most of them were touched by almost anybody among the survivors...

It is true that we do not know nearly enough about the crime-scene to actually make any assumptions about what happened.
At least it is clear that some things like one stake was found in Episode 3's world, so if it wasn't drastically relocated there should still be a hall to find it in.
Yet we don't know about any corpses being actually found, we only know that it was a gruesome crime scene...but seeing it was later dubbed a serial murder incident it is safe to assume that at least some corpses were found (and the kids are specially mentioned to be missing, so only they should be missing).

How would the bombs for example work? Where are they located?
And the landslide...where did it come from? There don't seem to be high enough landparts around the mansion to induce a slide of enough force and the coast seems to be made of solid rock, so the mansion's ground sliding downwards towards the sea seems equally unreasonable.
Apart from that typhoon's are rather common along that part of the ocean and it shouldn't be the first typhoon to hit Rokkenjima in around 40 years...considering the mansion seems to have been there for at least 25-30 years I think it is safe to assume it has survived something like that.
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