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Originally Posted by Renall View Post
In the former case, the bodies being destroyed isn't the killer trying to hide evidence (just the natural result of their method); in the latter, nature obviously has no motives.
But through inference we can argue that the one doing aranging the killings and the one killing Battler in the End of Episode 4 is the same entity.
As it was said 'Beatrice is not killing to induce fear' (during Episode 5) and 'You are all alone, yet I will kill you now' (at the end of Episode 4).
So assuming that it was both talking about the entity Meta-Beato represents, it cannot be a landslide killing Battler, as it was killing others during the games and those others were deffinitely not killed by a landslide. So as long as Meta-Beato does not represent different things at once or just the very abstract action of murder, we can say that Battler was killed by some force who was also responsible for killing the others, right?

So what reason would there be to write a random landslide or other natural disaster into the story or better to not write it in until maybe a very late point, only to make the people seem vanished?
I'm just trying to say that a natural disaster doesn't make much sense in the context right now as there is nothing hinting at something like that in any way.
Why would there even be a police team searching the grounds if there was a natural disaster, which would call for other forces?

Well, if Kyrie was the one who survived long enough to kill Nanjo, and Mammon was the stake in her, perhaps Eva went looking for people and found the stake in another location, got worried, and took it with her to wherever was safe?
That's possible, but Eva's last words during 1998 in Episode 3 (even though she was quite insane) hinted at her knowing quite well what happened on the island and she pretty much blamed herself for what happened to her family.
I think whomever actions she knew about, it seemed to ensure her safety to a certain extent and guaranteed her to arrive at Kuwadorian in the middle of the night, during a typhoon, after a 2km distance...I think she could be quite sure that someone was guaranteeing her taking that stake with her would only make her suspicious.

The island is quite hilly, almost mountainous. It's suggested many times that actually getting to Kuwadorian would be incredibly dangerous and nearly impossible on foot from the mansion (Rosa did it, but Beatrice died on the way back, so it's obviously quite risky). Perhaps other typhoons have hit, but not bad enough to cause landslides.

Or perhaps human agency was at work to ensure a "disaster" happened. We have not the slightest idea what's going on, and until the midnight event is identified, I doubt it will be possible to save everyone from it.
Believe me, there must have been plenty of typhoons to hit Rokkenjima during the 30 years the manor existed and many of them should have been equally bad as the one going on right now. Japan is hit by a good amount of typhoons each year and the damage is not disregardable...still Rokkenjima seems quite stormproven and it is often mentioned that the mansion is situated rather high up, as it it a steep climb towards the rose garden.

Beatrice's death had nothing to do with the hillside of Rokkenjima, but rather the rather steep coastside, as it was mentioned that Rosa was rather going around the island than straight through. The danger of the straight through path is more the dense forest that makes navigation nearly impossible and the harsh vegetation.

Apart from that, the typhoon has already went into a milder phase again at the time of Episode 4 ending, as Battler was able to pass through to and around the mansion. Had it been bad enough to cause a landslide, I doubt he would have walked around so carelessly.
The only 'reasonable' natural disaster that could cause a landslide at this point was possible an earthquake of middle to larger scale (maybe middle would be enough as the earth would be softer due to the rain...but seeing the depiction of Rokkenjima so far, it's more a rocky island so maybe there isn't even that much to dissolve). Yet an earthquake would be something that would have been mentioned by now I think.
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