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Originally Posted by chounokoe View Post
So what reason would there be to write a random landslide or other natural disaster into the story or better to not write it in until maybe a very late point, only to make the people seem vanished?
I'm just trying to say that a natural disaster doesn't make much sense in the context right now as there is nothing hinting at something like that in any way.
Why would there even be a police team searching the grounds if there was a natural disaster, which would call for other forces?


Apart from that, the typhoon has already went into a milder phase again at the time of Episode 4 ending, as Battler was able to pass through to and around the mansion. Had it been bad enough to cause a landslide, I doubt he would have walked around so carelessly.
The only 'reasonable' natural disaster that could cause a landslide at this point was possible an earthquake of middle to larger scale (maybe middle would be enough as the earth would be softer due to the rain...but seeing the depiction of Rokkenjima so far, it's more a rocky island so maybe there isn't even that much to dissolve). Yet an earthquake would be something that would have been mentioned by now I think.
The problem is that the idea that there wasn't a natural disaster makes even less sense.

You say that you find strange that this disaster has never been mentioned? So what about the fact that it was never mentioned that the police was searching for a criminal? It is undeniable that something is being hidden from us.

How do you explain that Nanjo's son is pissed off at the the idea that people think it was a crime? If there was evidence that it was a crime wouldn't be natural for him to wish the culprit was brought to trial and condemned?

Why Okonogi says that he shouldn't call it a crime?

Why everyone calls it an "unfortunate incident"? A mass murder nromally wouldn't be called "unfortunate".

There is overwhelming evidence that the Rokkenjima incident wasn't officially considered a crime. And yet 17 people died or vanished.

If it wasn't a natural disaster then I guess it could be a fire or the boiler room exploded as many suggested, but those hardly explain how that could lead to people being missing.

Lastly, Professor Ootsuki says that at the auction house they explained that the books escaped the disaster. If it was merely a mass murder, well why would people think that the books would be affected? In addition it appears that those books were found in kuwadorian, but we know there were probably a lot of more valuable occult books in Kinzo's study. So why they weren't auctioned?

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