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^ Fair enough. I just think that although they maybe stuck up, they'll still react to this sort of thing like anyone else. Victims just won't have the guts or time to resources to do anything about it and people that aren't victims won't give a shit because it doesn't concern them. Beating the crap out of every skill out they see might work but I think these Skill Out attacks are more planned.

Besides, I don't think the espers will know it's coming from a van espcecially if it seems it's coming from inside their own head. Even if they did that noise seemed painful so painful it was debilitating. And plus the gang has guns.
True for the most part but I'm still sure that in the long run there will be people that do what I said erlier. It's not like Anti skill or Judjment is doing pretty much anything at all at this point. I mean you can't have a random gang picking off students one by one, beating them up and in response to this the equivalent to the law enforcement sends a 13 year old girl to check things out on her own? It's kind of stupid on Judjment's part if you ask me especially considering the Skill Outs took down level 4s and Kuroko is a level 4 as well. I don't people would feel safe with the way the stuation is being handled.

Of course most victims in general would try to avoid this topic as a whole but some won't. And I think there are some poeple out there that will do something even if they are not victims - for example a couple of your best friends got beaten up and one of the wants to get back at the guys who did many cases his friends will be more than willing to help.

Since they know the ones beating them are Skill outs that means they're doing it with something other than an ability...they don't know how but they know it's a sound since the victims heared it. The espers only need to spread out and lure the criminals to use it and then take it out while they're out of it's range...of course they'll probably won't do that since they'll want revenge and in this situations people tend to ignore who's actually responisble thus the probable beating of every Skill Out the angry espers come across. On top of that most of the groups doing the beatings didn't have the device with them since Misaka and Kuroko took them down without a problem.
And about the guns...well come on one guy beat them up with his bare hands and he didn't even have any powers meaning they didn't have the guts to actually shoot. Imagine what 30 people with all kinds of powers could do to them when there are even level 4s among them.

On the gang's part I think it's like poking a sleeping tiger with a stick.
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