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That's probably because as I said the anime is focused mostly on the four girls whereas the Sister's arc isn't. Since what they've done up to now shows that they're going for a bit of a slice of life interactions between the girls plus some form of fanservice (some even consider it to have a yuri element) having an arc that does the opposite wouldn't be a good idea. And there is that gap in time between the two arks in the manga. Plus the current arc also fits better if one would like to keep the basic ideas of the first one and push them even further.
Thanks to comments like this, Mikoto doesn't have a role in Index series...

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It can be really traumatic indeed. But some of the kids we saw didn't look like little kids. Of course most would be scared but I wasn't talking about most of them. My point was that since they know somehow they lost their power they won't rush in blindly. And it's one van. If they don't jump in together the'll spot it and take it out...but I was thinking more of an angry mob atack rather than a planned one on the gang headquarters.
Just look at Accelerator who lost more than half of his powers XD.

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I think a lot of it depends on the person. This experience isn't so profound that it will get the same reaction out of everyone. If I were an esper, I'd always be looking for a fight, but that's just me. Some aren't like that. In a situation where espers are being targeted like this, I'd be running around kicking all kinds of ass regardless of whether I'd personally been targeted or not. Saying it doesn't concern me is irresponsible, because by the time it does personally concern me, I'm already getting mobbed. Again, that's just how I'd react. A lot of people might not be like that, but then a lot of people might share my concern and enthusiasm if they just heard the idea or saw someone else taking action.
Exactly, depends on the person, for example Touma can be pwning many espers thanks to his right hand making think espers their losing the power and of course the confidence, but no, he tends to avoid the conflicts as much as possible :P.
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