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Oh Asuna how you have quickly grown! From the first episode where you were the quiet, lone wolf type, into the commanding player that's not afraid to say how she feels. She was definitely her same old usual cute self though, that's for sure, the gif a few pages ago proves it

Haha, and it appears Asuna is better known than Kirito on the upper levels. Perhaps because she's always sticking up there and Kirito is in the lower levels at times. That would make sense, keeping one commander on the top levels just in case.

Kirito and Asuna must have a lot of cofidence in themselves if they decided to sleep outdoors, vulnerable where any higher up killer could attack them. There's no telling who's still out there and if they're friendly or foe. As Asuna mentioned, PK (Player Killers) can easily make you accept a duel when you're asleep.

Damn, poor Yoruko, even in a game the experiances are still equally frightening The game really is just like real life, motives, revenge, mystery, insanity etc etc. It was all too much for her to handle. I just knew as soon as she sat on that window seal what was going to happen

This anime is the type of anime I could probably watch all day and never get tired off it. It's really tempting to just leave off at this point and wait for it to finish, then spend the day watching every episode with satisfaction. At the same time, I enjoy discussion the new episodes with everyone and the anime is just like a drug, I see it, I must watch it
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