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Originally Posted by Nachtwandler View Post
I won't compare it to original voicing. Just a personal opinion comparing to other dubs(German and Russian actually, never heard other dubs on anime). I can't remember even one good English anime dub but I could remember couple of good German and Russian dubs because english dubbing studios have really bad taste in choosing actors for dub. This is true only for anime BTW.
Well, while I don't watch English-dubbed anime , so I can't comment about it (the only thing I heard was English version of "God Knows" from Haruhi Suzumiya. Comparing to Japanese and Russian versions it was awful), I have to say that problems comes not with anime (subbed version are usually easy to find). Problem comes with Japanese games, when "good" developers (did I already said f*ck you, Capcom, for the Ace Attorney 5 with no Japanese voices in the West?") don't give player a choice.
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