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Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
Because his personal distaste of overly sweet moe is an open fact?

Though I think the whole bad pot for mecha + moe is a bit taking it badly though. I don't have high hopes for Idolm@ster, but mecha has argubly tapped and molted itself into every possible genre there is, and has each own achieved a level of success. Remember Gunbuster? Fans today may not think the original Gunbuster girls as moe, but perceptions change over time.

Either way, each one has their own preference in anime. Kaioshin's vocal dislike on undiluted moe is apparent, just like how some people think harems > reverse harems with gender bias preference or hate mecha. Considering the type of series Lucky Star is, Kaioshin has every right to be worried, and it's not like he's not giving it any chances...unlike you. :P
You got me.

Personally though, I really don't see why there is a need for certain people to be so vocal about what they hate; if you don't like something, just simply don't freakin' watch it, is my philosophy. Personally, I feel that people harping on their dislikes gets old, then it gets downright irritating, and finally I end up going no-holds-barred on the offender. I mean, the way I go HARUHI-MODE at DanielSong39 for almost everything he says should speak volumes about how irritating I find that kind of behaviour to be.

Although yeah, actually I'm fairly in sync with Kaioshin-kun on this one; give me diabetic-level moe, and I'll drop it like a hot brick too. But in my case, I'll already have been long gone spending my time usefully, by the time Kaioshin-kun gets halfway with stamping it to death.

Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
Lucky Star's director, Yamamoto is apparently the series director of Suzumiya Haruhi, whatever that role is. Still, I believe that at the very least, Lucky Star will hopefully retain the sharp, witty storyboarding of the general Kyoto Animation fare, even if it may not possess the consistent sakuga quality. Personally, I like Kyoto Animation more for their sharp, quick yet fluid storyboarding flow of scenes which worked very well for Haruhi and Fumoffo, and some parts of their other series.
If I remember correctly, I think it means that he directed certain episodes of SHnY, and wasn't in charge of the whole deal. But yeah, as long as KyoAni retains its standard high storyboarding level, I won't even care so much about their other strength of hyper-sakuga either.

Still, I don't have as much time to blow on entertainment as most others here, so I tend to blow it on stories with at least some significant substance to it. An adaptation of a 4-koma with no standard storyline to speak of just doesn't do it for me; that's why, unlike CLANNAD TV, I'm not jumping on this bandwagon from the start. I'll be waiting for the blurbs before I decide whether to start on this one.
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