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I'll admit combining "funny" and "cute" (I'm not sure moe applies here that strongly based on the manga I've read so far) works for me.

The manga ranges from subtle to droll -- if KyoAni and their director can translate that to the screen, then the series should do well. If KyoAni raises the bar for "slice'o'life, funny, cute" --- great... though I speculate what we'll get is something in the same magnitude of funny like (AzuDa, I.M., bits of PPD) but with some really magnificent animation.

Watching the I.M. OVA lately though... I'd say I.M. raised the bar (at least with OVA) so it'll be interesting to see what KyoAni pops out. The manga art is quite cute but it is pretty static (almost a "talking heads" comic). Adding movement and energy is almost completely on KyoAni's head.
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