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Originally Posted by Kaioshin_Sama View Post
Yes I know that's true as well. It's easy to make a mecha show, design the robots, the factions, the pilots and the weapons, but difficult to execute it in a that's actually good (See GSD and Sokou No Strain for examples of poor execution and mixing)

The reason I pick on Moe is that not only is the market somewhat saturated with it, but a lot of people seem to think its an invincible ingredient (just visit any anime blog that takes itself seriously and you will see) and I'm just pointing out the faults in order to bring a moderate view to the issue. I don't like anything in large doses such as certain mecha's overuse of certain weapons or plot devices, but I see far more of Moe in almost lethal doses, and that's why I'm upset by people pointing out its presence or saying the most Moe of Moe series needs more of it, like its a cure for what ails a poorly written plot or crappy characters (Shuffle anyone). It's no more useful or no less of a patch for weak series than Fleshy Fanservice or Mecha Eye Candy such as the Hi-Mat attack in Gundam Seed really. That's what Moe is to me a patch or mortar to hold the right series together and make it more appealing to fans, but like a mortar if you get to much of it becomes a stain and you can't see the strength anymore. Lately I see more stains than strengthed series.

Moe's a subgenre at the absolute most prominence and not a full-fledged genre, that's why I'm pointing out that this is meant to be a comedy. I didn't find the characters particularly cute when I was reading it, moreso quirky. Really there isn't much of a moe problem at all, but some people brought up the subject of Moe and I had to give my two (or in most cases 25) cents on the matter.
Fair enough, but I still say of this post of yours what I said of your previous post; that if you replace "Moe" with "Mecha", it still holds true in every way. And don't pretend that Mecha doesn't suffer from the same fanboyism that Moe does; I mean, heck, Idolm@ster Xenoglossia is probably the best example of Moe fanboyism at its worst mixed with Mecha fanboyism at its worst, although since it isn't pretending to be anything but camp, I can be relatively lenient on it even though I'm not touching it with a ten-foot pole.

I do understand where you're coming from; you just hate it when uninformed fanboys just come along and throw in unintelligent comments, no? I hate it too, and if you take a look at my post history, you'll see that I don't suffer them gladly either; DanielSong39 and npal should know very well what I mean by that. But ultimately, my philosophy on them is; the onus is on you to treat them as the fools they are.

I mean, if they simply won't stop posting dribble, then they simply won't stop posting dribble; as long as you've managed to make them look like the fools they are, personally I think it's fine to just stop there. After all, who else are you trying to convince by rehashing points that you've made previously? I mean, the majority of us here can see unintelligent bias for what they are by ourselves, thank you very much. No need to overreach yourself here needlessly, you know what I mean?

On another note, for someone who professes to be formal with names to a fault, I'm surprised you're letting me get away scot-free with using the '-kun' suffix after your name.
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