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Oh, I quite agree, nobody really knows the extent to which those things involving Mai go.

Spoiler for Kanon game, Mai's ending:

By the way: I just wanted to say how breathless I was when I finished Kanon the first time, via Mai's route. I mean, absolutely stunned- I had experienced the first Kanon anime, and then again when the newer, longer version came out for anime. I bought the game finally but could not play it- and so it sat. I wasn't too worried, as I assumed I pretty much knew what happened anyway. There was, however, something totally different about the game- an immersion so intense that the anime doesn't quite cut it. Especially with the Japanese voices added in (if you DO NOT have the voice pack installed- INSTALL IT. There's just no comparison to the emotional level it reaches when you hear the voices- especially for Mai. It makes her jokes fifty times funnier, too :P Like when she substitutes for a wild pig and goes "Moo", and the dog, and says "Wan wan". You just can't imagine it as funny as the voice sounds!). The read-me in the translation patch tells you where to get the voices from.

But I'd just like to say- that I am so delighted I got this game now, and that the patch finally came out. If Clannad is this good, I might have to buy that one too (by the way, is the Clannad translation as good as this one- and if so, where do you get it? I'd like to confirm it exists before I buy the game). There's also something statisfying about not having "Yuichi" two-timing, three-timing, or quad-timing girls... you can focus on just one, and that's quite nice. I found with Mai's ending, I got to the point where I felt in synch with the character, the way he looked forward to every new day alongside the two girls- that "everyday experience" feel was quite neat. I hope the other paths turn out as fun! Oh- and I encourage everyone who might have missed it, don't forget- there is a SUB-PATH for Mai. If you play it through again after getting the good ending once (I used fast-forward to get to the right part) you get a "hidden option" to choose a Sayuri-path! That was VERY fun!!


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