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Originally Posted by coroloro View Post
Oh, I quite agree, nobody really knows the extent to which those things involving Mai go.

Spoiler for Kanon game, Mai's ending:

By the way: I just wanted to say how breathless I was when I finished Kanon the first time, via Mai's route. I mean, absolutely stunned- I had experienced the first Kanon anime, and then again when the newer, longer version came out for anime. I bought the game finally but could not play it- and so it sat. I wasn't too worried, as I assumed I pretty much knew what happened anyway. There was, however, something totally different about the game- an immersion so intense that the anime doesn't quite cut it. Especially with the Japanese voices added in (if you DO NOT have the voice pack installed- INSTALL IT. There's just no comparison to the emotional level it reaches when you hear the voices- especially for Mai. It makes her jokes fifty times funnier, too :P Like when she substitutes for a wild pig and goes "Moo", and the dog, and says "Wan wan". You just can't imagine it as funny as the voice sounds!). The read-me in the translation patch tells you where to get the voices from.

But I'd just like to say- that I am so delighted I got this game now, and that the patch finally came out. If Clannad is this good, I might have to buy that one too (by the way, is the Clannad translation as good as this one- and if so, where do you get it? I'd like to confirm it exists before I buy the game). There's also something statisfying about not having "Yuichi" two-timing, three-timing, or quad-timing girls... you can focus on just one, and that's quite nice. I found with Mai's ending, I got to the point where I felt in synch with the character, the way he looked forward to every new day alongside the two girls- that "everyday experience" feel was quite neat. I hope the other paths turn out as fun! Oh- and I encourage everyone who might have missed it, don't forget- there is a SUB-PATH for Mai. If you play it through again after getting the good ending once (I used fast-forward to get to the right part) you get a "hidden option" to choose a Sayuri-path! That was VERY fun!!

Well, for every VN and it's anime adaptation... the VN is much, much better. You just don't develop that same connection with the characters when you watch the anime adaptations. It's just a matter of the amount of time you spend with the characters playing a VN, that kind of intimacy, can't really be compared to passively watching the anime version.

There is a rough English translation patch out there (it's not that hard to find, just google it.) As for quality, I'd say it's pretty well done... a few little hiccups here and there.

As for the game, I liked it more than Kanon... it's much longer than Kanon though. KEY really like's it's "miracles" and with the added theme of "family," Clannad is a pretty powerful work.
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