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Originally Posted by TsundereCake View Post
I'm having major frustrations with installing the English Patch. I've followed the instructions online, but it still never plays in English! Can someone give me a very-very-very specific walk-through to using the English patch?


I'm using the all-ages edition.
Yes, I have the not-really-old one.
I've been having to copy all the game files into a folder since actually installing the game is a whole nother set of RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE and frustration from me.

EDIT: Never mind, it's been installed correctly. English Patch problems still not fixed yet, though
I never had Kanon SE All Ages, but I'll help you best I can, with my prior knowledge of VisualArt's games.

About installing the game from the CD, here's a way to do it:
1) Put the CD in your CD/DVD drive.
2) The CD should start automatically and take you to Kanon's splash screen. If not, do this below:
2a) Go to My Computer (Desktop-->My Computer on XP), and double-click the drive where Kanon has loaded. (The specific drive will vary depending on what other drives you have on your computer. Just look for the drive that has a snowflake for its icon, and that's Kanon)
2b) Double-click the icon that says something about "Auto run"
3) At the splash screen, click on the left button that says セットアップ
4) Click the farthest left button on the bottom.
5) If a dialog pops up with a Yes and No, click Yes
6) Wait for it to finish installing. When it finishes, the splash screen will return, but with more buttons. Click the one at the center in the bottom to start the game in fullscreen mode, or click the button right above that to start the game in windowed mode.
*After installing Kanon, you can also start it up by going to its directory on your hard drive and Run the Reallive file in Kanon's folder.

About installing the patch, that's pretty easy too.
1) Download NDT's patch.
2) Extract it somewhere.
3) Highlight everything in the folder, right click any of the highlighted icons, and choose Cut (or Copy, if you don't feel like re-extracting the patch in case you need to start over)
4) Navigate to Kanon's installation folder, right click an empty space (not one of the icons), and choose Paste
5) Multiple dialogs will pop up, asking you if you want to replace xxx with xxx. To make things short and sweet, hit Yes to All. If the dialog comes up again, just hit Yes to All again.
6) When it's done, start up Kanon (might as well go through Reallive.exe, since you're already there), and everything should work fine - as fine as the patch worls with Kanon SE All Ages, anyway. If there are any errors or anything, then that's applying patches onto halfway compatible games for ya.

That should be it!

::edit:: You are using the All Ages edition of Kanon Standard Edition, right? Not the one released with Key 10th Memorial Box, not emulating a console port, and not using an AVG32 based version of Kanon? If you're using the true blue, 2005 Kanon Standard Edition All Ages, then you shouldn't have major problems.
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