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Originally Posted by TsundereCake View Post
Yes, I have the version that's sold at (don't feel like putting a link up right now )

I did what you said and the game seems to be running fine, but was I supposed to put the "all ages" SEENs into the main folder or just keep them in the foler they're in? And was I supposed to run the reallive-patch.exe? If not, then thank you soooooooooo much for helping me^^
No no, don't worry about the All Ages SEENs. Those are for turning off the H-scenes if you're using Kanon SE (the ero one) but don't want to see the H-scenes. Since your Kanon already has the ero taken out, just ignore those SEENs.

And ignore reallive-patch.exe as well. That's an auto-patcher for if you're lazy and didn't want to install the patch the manual way. If you followed my instructions, you already have the patch installed, so leave reallive-patch.exe alone.
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