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Originally Posted by Tahtorak View Post
I followed your steps, but whenever I try to play the game, I get:
"File Error!
[C:\Program Files\Kanon\]''
What did I do wrong? Help me!
1st) Set yo Applocale to Japanese! I assumed that everyone already did that...

Seriously, if you plan on regularly playing any Japanese games, I highly suggest you learn how to switch Applocales to/from American English/Japanese. If you need help with that, look around; try one of the stickied threads in the Games section, the one about how to play Japanese games.

2nd) Did you fool around in Kanon's directory and move the SAVE folder? I can't make much of the error message because it's a bunch of gibberish, so follow the 1st) suggestion, then repost the error message if there still is one, please.

And if you're not using Kanon Standard Edition All Ages, you mailed your fission, man.
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